Garden of Life Launches New Product Line Featuring Highly Sustainable Barley Protein

Oct 13, 2021 | News

The globally recognized nutrition brand has launched the world’s first protein powder available to consumers that leverages the power of barley protein

ST. LOUIS, Missouri (October 13, 2021) – Barley protein, the highly sustainable ingredient from EverGrain, is the newest entrant to the plant protein market, and it’s making its presence known through a major protein product launch from Garden of Life

The newly unveiled Dr. Formulated Mediterranean Diet Protein line from Garden of Life centers around the idea that delicious, sustainable, plant-based ingredients are the cornerstone of good health and longevity. Recognized as the most sustainable protein option available in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, land use, and water use, EverGrain’s EverPro barley protein was a natural fit for this new product line.

“Protein is great, but some of the ways that it was affecting products’ taste and impacting our planet was not,” EverGrain CEO Greg Belt said. “That’s why it was imperative that we looked to the resources currently available to us to find a protein option that’s good for the planet, highly nutritious, and tastes great. We’re so thrilled that Garden of Life recognized that in our EverPro barley protein.”

Recently, Garden of Life became the first dietary supplement brand to become Certified Carbonfree®. As part of its ongoing mission to Empower Extraordinary Health (for the body and the planet), the brand collaborated with EverGrain to become the first protein brand to launch EverPro.

“We selected EverGrain’s ancient sprouted barley for our new MD PROTEIN POWDERS because they represent a major disruption in the fast-growing plant-based protein market,” said Jeff Brams, Vice President for Research & Development at Garden of Life. “They taste great, mix easily in water or plant-based milks, and unlock the nutritional value of barley – an ancient grain that is also true superfood.”

Brams also noted EverPro’s unique sustainability story.

“There is no other plant protein like EverPro,” he said. “All of EverGrain’s ingredients are ‘upcycled’ and part of a US-based Circular Food System. These may be new terms for some people, but these principals are absolutely essential to the health and future of our planet.”

Garden of Life’s exciting new MD PROTEIN powders are the first full line of sustainable protein powders inspired by the Mediterranean Diet, and formulated to address not only muscle growth and exercise recovery, but also to prevent heart disease, reduce cholesterol, help maintain blood glucose and promote weight management.

The formulas include Plant & Sustainable Salmon Protein, Sustainable Plant-based Protein, and Fit Sustainable Plant-based Weight Loss Protein . All of the products are all Non-GMO Project Verified, Informed Choice certified, and Certified Carbonfree. These products make it simpler for consumers to engage with the Mediterranean Diet which has been ranked as the #1 Best Overall Diet for the last four years by U.S. NEWS, and remains the most-frequently prescribed diet by medical practitioners.

EverPro barley protein is circular because it is produced from high quality crop that does not require even a single additional acre of land.

“We’re confident you’re going to start hearing about circularity more and more often, as consumers increasingly recognize that the choices they make at the store and online do indeed have a critical impact on the environment,” EverGrain’s Sustainability Director Jacqueline Hochreiter said. “We are so proud to partner with brands like Garden of Life that are optimistic about changing the food industry’s relationship with our planet for the better.”

Anyone interested in purchasing Garden of Life’s product can visit its website or their local health, nutrition, or grocery store.

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